Ike, LIbya and Bleak House

If you’ve never read Dickens’ Bleak House, you really should.  It was recommended to me before I went to law school and helped crystallize the futility of the law, bureaucracy, and even liberalism.  I loved the analysis of Mer. Jellyby’s and her passion for helping everyone but her own family.

Bleak House Illustration

Bleak House

This WSJ article really hits the nail on the head about the rationale not only about Libya, but also our absolute futility of Afghanistan and in other wars of convenience.  So much we get into “left” and “right” arguments, but the real issues are quite beyond party politics – we have a country in debt, a government out of control, and no one in a “leadership” position (well, except for Rand and Ron Paul and a few others) wants to do anything about it.  Add to that an electorate that is truly out of touch, or worse, on the government dole, and we have a real crisis in this so-called (but not really), republic of ours.


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